The sun rises on the existence of everything. The dinosaur opens one eye and then closes it. He is too lazy, today is not the day he will begin to invent writing. Prehistoric man has more things to say, more street cred too. He always walks around with a hand in his pocket to draw his friend or the mammoth next door on any wall. The guy wants to say something, but it will be too easy to write it. Let’s be patient.
Writing is a graphical / visual representation of a language by means of signs inscribed or drawn on a support, which allows the exchange of information without using voice. This is when business comes into play that signs show up. Around -3300 BC, in Mesopotamia, men manufactured small tokens of clay (the calculis) of different shapes and sizes. Each of them represent different “subjects” (animal, plant…). Learn to count before writing numbers, calculis are used to keep farm accounts. Like some video games’ characters, calculis are enclosed in balls. Unlike Pokéballs, these balls are made of clay and you have to break them to check whether the account (of animals or plants) is good. Not very practical. Then we begin to engrave on these balls a summary of their contents. Not hyper logic, calculis inside are no longer useful. The spheres will flatten to become tablets, no more no less Ipad’s ancestors, engraved with new images, signs representing words, the first pictograms. Tadam!
These signs have a huge success, everyone’s fight over them and they are soon associated with ideas to create even more senses. Ladies and gentlemen, please make a triumph to ideograms! Example of ornithologist ideogram: bird + egg = fertility.Draw a bird, feather by feather, is however time consuming, especially on a clay tablet. Signs will therefore slowly evolve towards new simplified graphic forms, made ​​of horizontal and vertical lines in the shape of nails. These new signs are called cunei, and they will give birth to the cuneiform writing. And voila!
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