Glasses, sneakers and laptop (and one or two degrees in Graphic Design) are the basic attributes of yesterday and today’s graphic designer (before that, designers had desktop computers). But beyond this simple appearance, very different profiles can emerge. Your laptop is on, so put your glasses on (and your shoes) and find out which graphic designer you are!


1 — How do you come to work?


∴) By bike. My fixie is fast and chromed.
∞) By subway. My transport pass is available for 10 years.
∇) By car. My speakers are ultra-powerful.
♦) In my pajamas. I work from home.
⊗) By motorcycle. You see that Moto Guzzi? It’s mine.


2 — Your office?


∴) A japanese black fine point pen and a vintage Moleskine notebook.
∇) Double screen, ergonomic keyboard, soundproofed headphones.
⊗) A laptop in the assembly room.
∞) A graphic tablet with funny stickers on it in an open space.
♦) The kitchen table, the coffee shop, my bed, my bath…


3 — At lunch, you eat?


♦) What’s in the fridge. Cool, leftover of quinoa!
∇) A Subway sandwich. Or two.
⊗) I don’t have time.
∞) It depends on what my colleagues want to eat, we always go together.
∴) A butter and ham sandwich in Paris, a burger in NY, a fish and chips in London…


4 — Your job schedules?


♦) 10am-12, 13pm-15pm, 16pm-18pm, 23pm-2am.
∞) 9am-18pm. But if you need, I can stay a little more.
∇) 10am-20pm. Round numbers.
∴) 9am-18pm. I respect time.
⊗) Haha! If only…


5 — In your font library?


∇) Google fonts. And Myriad.
♦) I design my own fonts.
⊗) Only the fonts best suited for each project.
∞) With Futura, I’m sure to please everyone!
∴) I don’t have a font library, I only use Helvetica.


6 — Who validates your creation?


♦) My client. After six feedback.
∞) My internship supervisor.
∴) My awesome creative director.
∇) My office neighbor. Or a new app.
⊗) Me, myself and my wallet.


7 — Your favorite drink?


⊗) Champagne, papi!
∇) Red Bull. By packs of 24.
♦) Between green tea and tomato juice, I don’t know… Beer!
∞) A soda. Or whatever you have.
∴) A Panama floral and rich espresso.


8 — A link you share on Facebook?


∇) A “the Next Web” article. Or a deep web one.
⊗) Even if I had the time, no.
♦) Did you saw this video with cats?
∴) 10 Commandments of Typography (by Fontyou).
∞) Anything on BuzzFeed’s homepage.


9 — Your favorite TV show?


∴) Madmen.
⊗) Suits.
∞) American Dad.
∇) Game of Thrones.
♦) Only one? Impossible!


10 — Your mentor?


∇) Steve. Jobs, of course.
∴) Massimo Vignelli.
⊗) Daddy.
∞) Marty McFly.
♦) Wes Anderson.


<><><> Results <><><>

Maximum of ∴ — The Purist


Your shoelaces are tied. The last button of your shirt is closed. Your coffee is fresh. Your chair is at the right height. Your screen has the perfect angle. You wrote your today’s To Do list yesterday. Your lunch (homemade and gluten free) is in the fridge. The minute hand approaches 12. That’s it, it’s 9am, the day can begin, let’s design!

Maximum of ∞ — The Cool Guy


Always a funny montage to send or a pack of biscuits to share, a hand to give to work late and a smile on your face. You do a good and nice job, just as you are. There is always someone that everyone calls « the cool guy » in the office, well, that’s you ! Maybe no one remembers your name. But maybe not !

Maximum of ∇ — The Geek


From Monday to Friday, we can find you in front of your computer and your coworkers’.  You install fonts all week long and give tips on Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and many other softwares. You fix photocopier and coffee machines, design solid images and little softs here and there. Saturday and Sunday, yes, you’re on your computer too!

Maximum of ♦ — The Hipster


You can work when and where you want, wear funny hats and dirty clothes, eat cheese at 3am or drink vodka at 10am, use a lot of crosses and small vectorial drawings in your graphic projects and handwrite too many cliché sentences on your tumblr, because you are free ! Oh, you’re free-lance ? My bad.

Maximum of ⊗ — The Creative Director


Managing a creative team while trying to walk with those new sneakers, it’s not easy every day! You are the boss, you know your job, you know the market, you know what works and what doesn’t, you know your value, you know that time is money, but damn, you really don’t know how to walk with those shoes!

Illustrations: Diane Pellotieri.

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