You may have the nobility of a Vicomte, the softness of Coco juice, the power of the Black Moon or the freshness of a Seawave, but maybe it is just Theory. Your name may be Léon, Suzee or Sergio, but maybe Jasmina or Gauthier too. Don’t wait until Minuit to find if you are very Hansom or too Naive Gothic. Take the test and discover what Fontyou typeface you are! Oui!


1 — In your notebook, we can find?

1∇) Doodles.
∴) Letterings.
⊗) Big letters. Like one page= one letter.
♦) Long texts.
∞) Architecture roughs.

2 — Your favorite writing tool?


∴) A spray paint can.
∇) A pencil.
∞) A big felt pen.
♦) A rollerball.
⊗) A quill.

3 — At restaurant, you order?


∇) An assortment of starters.
⊗) A beautiful piece of meat with spaghetti.
♦) The dish of the day.
∞) Fish fillets with “sun-kissed” vegetables.
∴) Grilled corn.

4 — In your living room, we can find?


♦) Piles of magazines on the table.
⊗) Large posters on the walls.
∴) Takeaway menus on the drawer.
∞) Business cards on the desk.
∇) Greeting cards on the shelf.

5 — Your favorite kind of movies?


♦) Documentary.
∞) Peplos.
∇) Comedy.
∴) Black and white.

6 — Your favorite music?


⊗) Experimental hip hop.
∴) Contemporary mix of retro songs.
∞) Black Classic.
♦) All that is played on the radio.
∇) Pop, pop, pop.

7 — A weekend destination?


⊗) Normandy.
♦) At your parents.
∞) Greece.
∴) A cute southern village.
∇) An attraction park.

8 — You get along with?


♦) Almost everybody.
⊗) It depends on your condition.
∞) Nice bad boys and girls.
∴) People calmer than you.
∇) Serious people. And other ones.

9 — You never go out without?


∞) A multi-tools.
∇) Toys.
⊗) A cat.
♦) A snack.
∴) Music.

10 — For a message to be effective, it has to be?


∇) Cool. And fun.
♦) Readable.
∴) Dynamic.
∞) Strong.
⊗) Original.

<><><> Results <><><>

Maximum of ♦ — Marianina FY


Always there when someone needs you, you’re the best to find words to save the (editorial) day! You are discreet and humble, probably because you come from a large family, but these qualities do not prevent you to stand out, quite the opposite. One day, you’ll be top of the bill and tons of articles will be written with you, for sure!

Maximum of ∴ — Suzee FY


Full of energy, you are ready to embark on various projects, especially when it comes to work hand in handwrite with a team of trusted people. Sometimes nostalgic, you know how to take the best from the past to embellish the present. You never say no to a good traditional meal shared with your closest letters, with which you have a real connection.

Maximum of ⊗ — Mandinor FY


Your aspirations in life are big. Like really big. To produce the maximum impact, you are ready to take risks and be bold. You’re not afraid to surround yourself with ornaments or animals if it allows your ideas to exist. In big. This very own originality can sometimes scare off your partners. Your contrasted opinion about it: they should play with you instead!

Maximum of ∞ — Achille FY


Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, you are also tender outside and robust inside. Your greatest strength is the one of your heart, even if it is nothing without the one of your muscles. Thanks to this solid personality, you can support any project and build any text. A small tip though: be careful where you put your feet. And your serifs.

Maximum of ∇ — Brixton FY


The cool kid you were became a cool font! You always love to make your audience smile with a good pun or a fun catchword. You are a fan of fun but you can be serious — and cute and weird — when it comes to work. Full of surprises and ideas, you’re the best friend of peculiar projects!

Illustrations: Diane Pellotieri.

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