Yeah, summer! It’s vacation time, sea and mountain landscapes time, greetings time!
Whether you stay home or you leave far far away, it’s also the time to send a few vestiges of written communication: postcards. Of course, it means that you will need to write things. By hand.
Or not! Here is a tip: you can create a custom stamp on the Internet, or with a rubber or a potato (tutorials on the Internet), which says something like “Dear person I know, I spend great vacation. I hope you are well. See you soon. -First name-”. You only have to write the addresses!

If you are too lazy to write even addresses, and if you don’t want to say that you’re having great vacation, you can also call on Mr Bingo. He handwrites f***ing (fonting!) offensive messages on nice vintage postcards and sends them to whoever you want. He calls it “Hate Mail“.


To support Mr Bingo and his insults collection, go on Kickstarter.

You can also write not on but with postcards. Cool way to send a “Hi!”, more complicated to send a “The weather is great”. Alphabet postcards to find on TypoThings (the Berlin Buchstabenmuseum shop online) for example.


If you’re going to Sheffield (England) for holidays, you can send “Hello”, written with Sheffield Alphabet Postcards, by Our Favorite Places.

By designing your own postcards (on the Internet or elsewhere), you can also avoid the anxiety of writing by hand. You can get inspired by the talented Martina Flor who draws awesome type messages to print and send.


You can also design your own greetings card thanks to this great tutorial! Forget the pen, double-sided print!

There you go! You have all what it takes to succeed on posting cool typostcards! You just have to find people who can read now!