If you didn’t find the perfect gift for your Creative Director or your cool Grandma yet, take your chance!
Here is a selection of fontastic presents to read or use. And if you have no time or money, write them a letter. Letters are awesome!gifts_blog2

1- Monogrammed mugs, A to Z – Anthropology, £6; 2- Typodarium calendar 2015 – by Slanted, 16,80€; 3- Numerals Notebook – ScoutBooks, $4,95 each, $20 the box of twelve; 4- Hello I am Erik, Erik Spiekermann visual biography, 45€; 5- House industries 100 postcards, $20; 6- Notebooks in a beautiful box, Imprimerie du Marais; 7- Type objects by You Talking to Me, from 9€, now at BHV; 8- Pillow Habitat 50th anniversary – Habitat, 15€; 9- Monogram Cocktail Napkin – Anthropology, £6