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Three years ago we created Fontyou, the first collaborative online platform for typographic creation. Since then we haven’t stopped envisioning new ways to revolutionize the typographic universe.

Last September – starting from the basic concept that the creative richness of a typeface primarily lies in its use – we decided to concentrate our efforts on the development of an all-in-one typographic solution, offering tailored solutions to simplify the day-to-day lives of designers, but also of font creators and foundries.

Since then we have been working every single day to meet your typographic needs. Thanks to you we have built a new Fontyou, and we are proud to reveal our new identity.

While our new logo still shows echoes of its origins, its symbolizes the start of a new cycle. It represents what Fontyou is today: an all-in-one typographic solution offering an easier and more straightforward experience, more fluid and more modern, that meets the expectations of professionals and follows current consumption patterns of creative assets.


Without breaking from the past, our new logo marks an evolution that reflects our collaborative DNA (the heart), but also the technological aspect of the proposed professional solution (the check mark). The opening of the sign is inspired by the new slogan “Free up your fonts”. Finally, the word Fontyou runs on a line, and the linespacing tightens. As for the black color, it is a symbol of the desire to be a more discreet brand, almost like a ‘jewel case’ accommodating the diverse personalities of the foundries.



The launch of our new identity also introduces new offerings with tailored subscriptions. Discover them here without further delay and find the one that best suits your needs.

On this occasion Fontyou also launches a new campaign and a new film, firmly focused on the desire to liberate the fonts and their applications.

Now on Fontyou you can access all your fonts in one click, wherever and whenever you want. You can search, sort, activate and share your collections in an intuitive and fast cloud interface. You can also try fonts from the best foundries worldwide, directly in your creation apps before buying them.

The new Fontyou is all that.

We will continue innovating and imagining new solutions to assist you in your daily activities as creators, and we will do so thanks to you.

See you very soon on Fontyou,
Gregori Vincens, CEO of Fontyou.