Born and raised in Montreuil, Julien Priez imagined five years ago a typographic system for the identity of the city. This project allowed him to graduated -with an excellence mention- an advanced degree in Type Design at École Estienne, in Paris, in 2010.


At the same time, he designed the identity of the restaurant Freschezza, a project that will give birth to his first own font, released by Fontyou in 2014, Mandinor FY.


He worked as a freelance graphic designer in collaboration with different (and awesome!) Design studios, and as a Graphic Design and Calligraphy teacher before he started the Fontyou adventure in 2013. Everyday since there, he plays with fonts and shapes, draws typography (he is kerning Fontyou’s next font right now, at this exact moment (wed. 02/25, 18:28 pm in Paris)!) and drinks coffee. He also designs graphic documents (specimens, posters, catalogues, etc.), curates Type-Lover, Fontyou’s Tumblr, and can listen 247 times to the same song in one day, particularly Verdi Requiem.

Your favorite FY font ?
The Gauthier FY family (Next & Display), Algo FY & Sergio FY.

First meeting with typography?
At school with Stéphane Darricau.

Favorite food?
Roast Chicken

In your Ipod?
Hip hop to wake up and find ideas (Casey, Earl Sweatshirt, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Mob, MellowHigh).
Verdi to draw calligraphy.
Rise of the Northstar for curation on Internet.
Glass Figure to decline and design missing glyphs.
Chemical Brothers for kerning.
Sioux, Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan to calm down in hurry time.

In an other life you would have been?
Rocky Balboa

Your favorite writing object?
Bic pen

Your motto?
Peace ✌

A letter? Why?
R, a and g, Rag ;), because it offers many possibilities of design. Letters constitute the personality of a typeface and these 3 are really beautiful.

Your mentor?
Herb Lubalin

Julien Priez’s Formation:

2010 — Postgraduate Degree in Typographic Design (DSAA), École Estienne, Paris

2009 — Erasmus at Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst in Gent, Belgium.

2008 — Degree course in Arts and Crafts: Typo-graphics (DMA), École Estienne, Paris

2006 — Degree course in Visual Communication (BTS), Lycée Eugénie Cotton, Montreuil

Julien Priez’s Experiences:

2015 — Calligraphy teacher at Lycée Auguste Renoir, Paris.

Since 2013 — Graphic and Type designer (and also Calligrapher and Curator) at Fontyou.

2012-2013 — Graphic Design teacher at ISCOM, Paris.

2012 — Collaboration with Atelier Müesli (graphic design), Paris.

2011 — Collaboration with Atelier Chévara (now Atelier Marge), Paris.

2010 — Collaboration with Atelier Pierre di Sciullo, Montreuil.

2008 — Graphic designer at NKB Archi, Hanoi, Vietnam.