Type@Paris Talks, the typographic event of this summer!

Yesterday night we listened to Ludovic Houplain and Rachel Cazadamont of the graphic studio H5 and Jeremy Tankard, famous english type designer.



From French touch album covers to political design campains, Ludovic Houplain and Rachel Cazadamont explained us their typographical approach, and how fonts can be strong vectors of messages in graphic design. Created in 1996, H5 is composed of fifteen or so artistic directors, illustrators, film makers, and copywriters.

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Watch the entire talk (in French)


Jeremy Tankard

English type designer, Jeremy Tankard is the author of famous typefaces (I must say i’m a big big fan of some) including Bliss, Aspect, and the amazing The Shire Types project. He described with passion and in details (and a very sexy english accent) 4 typefaces creation process (Shire, Aspect, Kingfisher and Disturbance), including exclusive and beautiful roughs of his researches.

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Watch the entire talk (in English)

See you newt week for Claudia de Almeida and Henrik Kubel’s talks!