Gregori Vincens graduated in type design at Ecole Estienne in 1998. Typedesigner, teacher, obsessed with web innovations, he’s also a manager and a new business lover. Gregori Vincens is the ONE who imagined Fontyou, after an executive MBA at HEC.

Gregori Vincens’ designer carreer, as a font creator (mainly custom fonts) but also as a font user, proved him that type design should not only belong to type designers, experts, but to all those designers, graphic designers, web designers, who select, and use fonts each day. They are in contact with brands, customers, creative tendencies, innovation. They are not “experts”, but their freshness and their creative spontaneity can generate great ideas for modern and cool fonts that are in tune with the times and the market.

Gregori Vincens fundamentally believes that being together makes us stronger. The stimulation of the collective intelligence is not just the latest phenomenon made possible by the power of the Internet or by some so called attractivity of collaborative economy.

If you were a font, you’ll be? Why?
The Alisal by Matthew Carter, because of the good balance between sharpness and humanistic feeling

Your favorite FY font?
Serafine FY

First meeting with typography?
4 years old, drawing all day long letters and starships on the paper wall of my bedroom

Favorite food?
The food that Gia Tran cook

In your Ipod?
Francis Cabrel.

Your favorite writing object?
2B pencil.

Your motto?
“Créer c’est vivre 2 fois” – “Create is to live twice”

A letter? Why?
Lower case “a” because it is the starting point, and when you start you’re in motion, and when you’re in motion, you live

Your mentor?

Gregori Vincens’ Formation:

1998 — DSAA typo Ecole Estienne (Franck Jalleau, Michel Derre)

1999 — Atelier National de Recherche Typographique — ANRT (Peter Keller, Jean Widmer, Hans jurg Hunziker)

2010 — executive MBA HEC Paris

Gregori Vincens’ Experiences:

Teacher – ECV Paris, ESAG Pehninghen, ESAD Amiens

2002 — Co-founder of the design Agency 4uatre – Paris

2013 — Co-founder and CEO of FONTYOU