Fontyou asked 4 type design players to elect their favorite Fontyou font.

This week I asked my dear friend Mathieu Reguer. Type geek and type lover, he’s one of the most promising type designer and engineer of his generation (but he’s also very modest ;-)). Graduated in Type Design from École Estienne and University of Reading in 2008, he’s designing and developping custom fonts for design agencies and type foundries around the world.

1 – Which is your favorite serif Fontyou font?

Sergio FY, co-created by the lovely Julia Joffre and Fontyou Team.

2 – Why Sergio FY?

There is a couple of cool ideas behind Sergio FY.

The roman is based on 19th century wood type while the italic has nothing to do with this era of type history. And yet their shapes are visually very consistent with one another.
Two approaches of type design — revival and formal experimentation — are brought together into a coherent and contemporary system. It is both a cultural and a graphical type family!
Also, it has some pretty cool ornaments. And two six shooters.

3 – Can you give me 5 keywords this font evokes to you:

Confident, Sharp, Unapologetic, Gritty, Unforgiven.

4 – For you, which project would be perfect to use it?

It would fit great on the label of a fine bottle whiskey. You need something strong and dignified to handle Sergio FY Black weights.

5 – Which font would you associate with it?

Pairing it with Leon FY would make for a great colophon, obviously.

Thanks Mathieu for your opinion, your jokes and your precious time. 😉