Fontyou asked 4 type design players to elect their favorite Fontyou font.

This week I asked famous co-creator Joana Correia, type designer based in Porto. Since 2011 she is engaged with type design permanently, after having worked as an architect and after having completed the MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, UK. She develops typefaces for various foundries such as Google Fonts, Fontyou and also develops her own designs. Interested in the worlds linguistic culture she also designs typefaces for the Devanagari writing system. She teaches workshops on type design and lettering where she shares her love for letters.

She co-designed 3 fonts with Fontyou: Jasmina FY, Canberra FY and the brand new Saya Serif FY.

1 – Which is your favorite script Fontyou font?

Fontyou best script font 2014 - Suzee

Suzee FY, co-created by Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky & Fontyou team.

2 – Why Suzee FY?

Suzee Is one of those fonts I wished to have designed myself. I appreciate the strong and lively stroke. I like the mix of contemporary and vintage feeling. Being a text typeface person I think Suzee works really nice in paragraphs as much as in headlines, this makes it a more valuable and versatile script typeface.

Fontyou best script font 2014 - Suzee

3 – Can you give me 5 keywords this font evokes to you:

Vigorous, Fast, Exciting, Contemporary, Sharp.

4 – For you, which project would be perfect to use it?

I would love to see Suzee FY used in food packaging or a food board in a burger place for example. It has the right feeling to take us back in time but at the same time very readable and contemporary look.

5 – Which font would you associate with it?

I can see it being used with Booster Next FY to get that extra vintage feeling and with the contrast between the two to be able to see its strong character even more.

image of the booster Next FY

Thanks Joana for your answers! See you soon in Paris, in Porto or on 😉