Fontyou asked 4 type design players to elect their favorite Fontyou font.

This week we asked our friend Frank Adebiaye. Accountant, type designer, typography historian, founder of the french collaborative foundry Velvetyne, and member of the typographic association Rencontres de Lure, he’s one of the biggest typelover I ever known…

1 – Which is your favorite sans serif Fontyou font?


2 – Why Rowton Sans?

There are many reasons:

> First because Rowton Sans FY is an archetype reinterpretation, Gill Sans. There is a lot to do with classicals. This kind of exercise is very eloquent as for a designers team ability to revive the history of typography, and give its own vision of it.
> Rowton Sans FY distinguishes itself with the importance given to details (for exemple on special glyphs @, ¶, or ℓ) and its both sensual and nervous italic.
> Because of the fickleness led by these qualities.


3 – Can you give me 5 keywords this font evokes to you:

Timeless, Humanistic, Modern, Delicate and Subtle.

4 – For you, which project would be perfect to use it?

I think that Rowton Sans FY would be the perfect font to design a book. And because it’s a revival it would be ideal to set a new edition of an old book, like Gill’s ones (for exemple his Essay on Typography, edited for the first time in French by Ypsilon Éditeur in 2011).

5 – Which font would you associate with it?

I think immediately about Kent Lew’s Whitman (FontBureau, 2011) because it’s also a Gill’s gesture (more distant) reiterpretation (with a touch of Dwiggins).

whitmanIn this vein, I would like to evoke Matthieu Cannavo’s characters, Pandoro and Facio, even they are not published yet.



Thanks Frank for your opinion and see you soon!
Discover Frank’s work and links here.