Fontyou asked 4 type design players to elect their favorite Fontyou font.

This week I asked Götz Gramlich, German graphic designer. After have been assistant at Studio Troxler/Willisau, he started his own studio gggrafik in 2005, focussing on all varieties of print design. In 2011 he launched the international Poster contest “Mut zur Wut” and became president of Poster contest “100 beste Plakate Deutschland / Österreich / Schweiz” in 2014. Götz is teaching as lecturer at the University of Applied Science Mannheim, Faculty of Design since 2013. He has held workshops worldwide, including the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France and Zimbabwe Institute of Vigil Arts, Harare and within the context of the Phoenix Design Summer in Hangzhou, China.

See all the beautiful posters he designed here.

1 – Which is your favorite display Fontyou font?

Mandinor FY, co-created by Julien Priez & Fontyou team.

2 – Why Mandinor FY?

Mandinor FY is an ultrafresh font. combining different strokesizes and styles is kind of a crazy approach for designing a font. but it works. in a brilliant way! this experimental font needs designers with balls and curious recipients, who like to experience new aesthetics. mandinor comes with a huge set of extra glyphs, which makes it perfect to play around. every letter is perfectly balanced and an art piece of its own.

3 – Can you give me 5 keywords this font evokes to you:

Experimental, Bold, Fresh, Westernfrakturpsychedelichgraffiti.

4 – For you, which project would be perfect to use it?

Mandinor FY needs to be big, so you can enjoy the full impact. I’d love to work with this font for a poster. The field of mixed media / arts would fit perfect to the context of that masterpiece.

5 – Which font would you associate with it?

I see several fonts in it: Rockwell, Bodoni (poster), Fette fraktur, Old english towne…



Thanks Götz for your answers! See you soon in Paris or on 😉