If you’ve always dreamt to have an embroidered teddy coat with your favorite food written on it, this tutorial is for you!

1: Choose a font and convert text to outlines. If you chose a script font, group the letters and go to the Pathfinder window, click on Add (Réunion in french).

2: Select Window in the menu bar and open the Appearance window (Aspect in french).

3: Choose a color for the inside part of your lettering “fill” (Fond in french).

4: Choose the stroke color and adjust the stroke weight (Contour in french).

5: Switch “fill” et “stroke” in the pannel.  “Stroke” must be behind.

6: In the Appearence pannel (Aspect in french) select Add a new stroke (Ajouter un contour in french) and give it a color.

8 : Open the Stroke pannel and adjust the Dashes like above.

9: Select Effect in the menu bar > Path > Offset Path (Tracé > Décalage in french)

10: Adjust it like above

11: Add a new stroke

12: Select Effect in the menu bar > Distort & Transformation > Roughen (Esquisse in french)

13: Adjust it like above.

14: Select Effect in the menu bar > Distort & Transformation > Zig Zag.

16: Adjust it like above.

17 : See how it looks!

18: Duplicate the last layer (zig zag)

19: Select Object in the menu bar > Path > Offset Path. Adjust like abobe
Watch out! The Offset Path layer must be above in the Appearance pannel

Here you are! Hope you’ll have fin with this funny tutorial. Now you just have to find one to look like Ryan Gosling.

Illustrations by Diane Pellotieri !