I’m sure you already know cool places on the Internet to find interesting, nice, rich and fun stuff about typography and graphic design (proof is, you’re reading this article ;). But let me present you some of Fontyou’s favorite blogs and websites though, because lot of “dot com” and other dots are worth to talk (and talk again) about them. I may obviously forget to mention some cool places on the Internet, so please let me know some of your best in the comments, for a coming article and my surfing pleasure!



Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes to get a brilliant idea. Some other times, inspiration needs a bit more than your only brain to emerge. Here is a list of places full of images and creative breaths.



News, trends, releases, art, food… about, with, and around letters. Typography Daily is “your daily dose of type”, thanks to short but well illustrated articles. You can also frequently (but not daily!) find interesting fonts bundle in this blog published by Mirko Humbert, a Swiss graphic and web designer.



The power of big signs, original compositions and text-image love stories. From Götz Gramlich to Corbin Mathieu, from Argentina to Czech Republic, discover the work of creative people and design studios through their typographical, colourful and mesmerizing posters.



Typostrate “shows the passion and power of typography to the world” all week round. Cool quotes on Monday, impressive videos on wednesday (mostly calligraphic), free font on friday (once a month) and various inspirations for the weekend (embroidery, fruits, 3D… typography).



Very big images of very beautiful letterings and type designs + short captions and links = lots of time spending browsing with desire. Desire to create things as cool (and big) and to become friends with these friends of type (4 young, American and designers’ contributors). If you are looking for inspiration to offer a nice little gift, FoT also have a small e-shop!



The perfect place to spend hours between logos, posters, animated gifs and fonts in many uses in an endless browse! Posts are so varied that there is type stuff for all tastes, from the best to the weirder, from classical to (too) fashion.



For Rob Keller, a huge typography fan (typografan?), you should be obsessed by type too. Or at least like it too! On his blog, he shares some news, conferences reports, exhibition notes and many other things. But exclusively type things.



The crème de la crème of typography, now and here, because Behance is behind Typography Served, and so is the heart of inspiration power.



An awesome tumblr with old shops signs from deep French villages and elsewhere, between nostalgia, humor and big dose of retro inspiration. Fleurs, coiffeur, bonheur !


Graphic Design


Julien Josset, artistic director, shares on his blog (in French) his various treasures about graphic pictures and overall design. The articles are clear, unpretentious, and they always highlight original visuals. Josset opened his kitchen to satisfy his need of sharing, archiving and staying alert. His recipes manage to satisfy his audience too!



Inspiration can be found at the corner of the street, in a sentence, a good meal, a fashion magazine or a funny item. Graphic or type design inspiration can (and should! must?) be found in every creative field and any kind of design. Clikclk presents the work of passionate people and graphic, photographic, fashion and product designers. It feels very good to see talented people create everywhere and everything! And it makes you want to do the same!



Not only graphic design but also drawing, not only typography but also sculpture, the pieces of art posted on this blog give ideas of shapes and desires to create strong and wonderful images. Very wonderful.



Mr Cup is Fabien Barral, a French (but English speaking/writing) graphic designer. On his blog, you can find articles primarily focused on identity and editorial design, with almost no text but a lot of great pictures.



Graphic design inspiration through type composition. Fonts in Use is one of the best places to discover fonts (indexed by name, format and designers) and the best way to use them. It is also a collaborative project: everyone can submit some type (your own, your friends’ one, your favorite…), as long as it’s “in use”!




Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and various type tutorials, in the spirit of our times but also fancy sometimes (candy, lipgloss, ice cube… typography).



Many textures tutorials and other original effects for use on typography and elsewhere. Except perhaps for the “how to create a photo-realistic steampunk style insect” tutorial. Extra Photoshop tips.



Clean tutorials with very clear and well illustrated steps + a large and technical visual inspiration section. It would almost give the desire to write soft words with furry text (easy on Photoshop)!



Inspiring tutorials to easily create the same logos and posters you’ve seen on every blogs (cf. Inspiration blogs above :).



Hard to beat books when it comes to learning about history. Yes, I’m a bit old fashioned about that stuff! But for those who don’t have a good library nearby or are allergic to paper, you can find basic material at these two places.







Short video podcasts (Font Casts) on type designers works, type professionals and FontShop family members portraits. The interviews are not frequently posted, but you can find some cool type tips on the Font Feed to make up for it! Nice focuses on foundries on FontShop too (have a look on Fontyou’s interview, written by Yves Peters).



In the Faces section, you will find interviews of type artists, scientists, players and above else designers. Elsewhere on this online platform, you will find tons of nice articles!



Classic, essential and monthly, the MyFonts newsletter offers rich and illustrated interviews, which enable everyone to learn a lot about the great figures of today’s typography. You can subscribe to the newsletter or consult it (and all archives) online.




On this German blog (available in English), many dates of festivals and conferences, but also books outputs and readings.



Everything that happens on the French graphic scene is broadcasted on the CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques) digital platform. Study days, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other graphics meetings all across the hexagon.



Very fresh news and a well-stocked agenda, events rather in France, rather in Paris, but for every graphic fan and typelover, and worth seeing!



Lots of dates to discover, learn, talk about typography, between fans and professionals. Many exhibitions and releases here and there. Sorry, it’s still happening in France, but honestly, this country is so beautiful (aaah the Brittany coast!).



The Type Directors Club promotes “excellency in typography for over 65 years”, and gives all the information about the best New York type exhibitions.



Mise en abyme or self promotion, with its inspirational tumblr and its type blog, Fontyou also has some cool “dot coms” ;).