We are pleased to introduce you the co-creator of the month (of November): Satori (Luis Bandovas)!

Luis is both an old and a future co-creator. He co-created Booster FY and Booster Next FY with Fontyou and is now working on a font family that should be released very very soon. A contest is organized on Facebook right now to find it a name! By investing greatly in its type projects, doing a lot of feedback, corrections, propositions, versions… Luis shows, for over a year now, that he has the stuff of a terrific co-creator!

We asked him a few questions about typography and creation.

_Which designer inspires you the most?
I don’t think of a designer in particular, but the “swiss typographic style” really inspires me. I really love all the graphics and use of typography of that time.

_What is your fetish creation tool?
Graphite pencil nº2b

_What is your favorite font?
Not really a favorite font, but I kinda have a soft spot for Helvetica! I like it for how it stands and the intent (neutrality) behind its creation.

_What are your 3 darling projects on the Fontyou platform?
Now I’m following with a particular interest the development of Saya FY Serif by Joana Correia, the works of Letters Begin (Asphalt) and from the ones that come out from the platform, definitely Gauthier FY Display, I really love the monolinear tone of it.

Discover the work of Satori on www.satori.pt and on Fontyou by signing up on the platform of co-creation (co-create.fontyou.com)!

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