Citizen K, Summer 2014 – Fontyou in use

Citizen K (International & Homme Sport), fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine, dressed in Marianina FY and Sperling FY for its brand new formula. The long serifs of Sperling FY and the particular inktrapes of Marianina FY are used on Citizen K‘s cover and for many inside headlines.

Citizen K featuring Marianina FY and Sperling FY

Marianina FY, a sans-serif family of 24 fonts by Alisa Nowak & Jérémie Hornus and Sperling FY, a geometric and condensed high contrast font by Jan Dominik Gillich and Alisa Nowak were co-created on Fontyou, the first collaborative type foundry.

Marianina FY and Sperling FY

Marianina FY & Sperling FY

Fontyou's fonts