Bye bye 2014, hello 2015.

It’s hard to define some typography trends among all the rich font production, new technologies and consumers needs. Here are 6 trends I presage for 2015. Let’s go typelovers, take your pen and your stylus and give us some hot fonts! Hope these typography trends will be helpful and I wish you a happy new graphic year! 


Unlike the many script fonts inundating the market, imitating nib and its imperfections (ink, paper grain etc), a new family of scripts is growing, with delicacy. We already seen beautiful specimens this year (Flirt by Positype, Horizontes by Sudtipos, our Ella FY and Chelly FY) and we hope that this script family will grow and grow, with beautiful, delicate and crazy ligatures.

Trends_scriptsHorizontes by Sudtipos, our Ella FYShowcase by Latinotype, Flirt by Positype, and our Chelly FY.



With its rectangular serifs and robust structure, this old typographic family that will never go out of fashion is modernizing itself, and we can observe many encouraging font families releases. Proof is that one of the latest releases of Monotype is Din Next Slab. Audacious shapes, rounded or sharped serifs, geometric or humanist contrasts, it’s definitly the elegant slab font era.


Newslab by Latinotype, our Achille FY, Quitador by Linotype, our Hansom Slab FY, Din Next Slab by Monotype and Choplin by Rene Bieder.



Very fashionable this year, we should enjoy rough and used fonts in 2015 again… however we’ll probably feel a running out of steam. We won’t avoid the increasing production of multi-styles families (Catalina by Kimmy Design, Boucherie and Charcuterie de Laura Worthington) neither the rough or used versions of some existing fonts (Nexa Rust by Fontfabric, Rough Love by Positype, Core Circus rough by S-Core etc…) Keeping alive grain paper or just for the love of vintage effects, these fonts will certainly have success for some months.

trends_roughCatalina by Kimmy Design, Boucherie by Laura Worthington, Rough Love by Positype and Nexa Rust by Fontfabric.



Optical illusions, volumes, multi-layers, graphic vibrations… Many solutions to trouble the eye and create easily original letterings and logotypes. These new generation of fonts hold in store a lot of surprises for 2015, puching further hopefully the graphic and typographic bundaries. (Bend by Juri Zaech, Core Escher by S-Core, Bron by Jeremia Adatte).


Core Escher by S-Core, Lulo Clean by Yellow Design studio, Bend by Juri Zaech, Bron by Jeremy Adatte and Core Circus by S-Core.



I must say that Gotham is perfect. Yes but… maybe we should stop using it everywhere in 2015? More and more beautiful and modern sans serif fonts appear and are candidates to become future 2015 bestsellers. Our Listz FY could be one of them, as the Latinotype’s Texta Sans!


Texta by Latinotype, our Wes FY and LeanO Sans FY, Canaro by Rene Bieder, Mariné by Tipotype and our Listz FY.



In this proliferated display fonts era, we sometimes miss some classicism, to contrast with headlines. What better than get hold of our typographic heritage to find inspiration? Garamond, Caslon, Baskerville, Fournier, Bodoni, Gill, Futura… many references to (re)discover, to set your texts. Even better: choose revival or classic inspirations like Gauthier Next FY (kind of Garamond), Rowton FY (inspired by Gill calligraphic researches) or Wes FY (Futura inspiration).

Our Rowton Sans FY and Gauthier Next FY, Domaine Display by Klim Type Foundry, Diogenes by Ludwig Type, ITC Galliard by Matthew Carter and Adobe Calson Pro by Carol Twombly.

Happy new year to everyone! Hope these typography trends will be helpful to begin a new graphic year!