Dear designers, here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before choosing a font


Small text? Website? Branding? Signage? First of all you need to identify uses.


Luxe? Birthday invitation? Crafts? Food? Context is important to determine the font style you’re searching for.

questions33 copie

You won’t need the same glyphes wether you’re designing a logo or a book. Italics, SmallCaps, Diacritics, Figures… can be essential for some special uses.


Watch out! Lots of fonts exist in one weight only… If you have to set some texts you could be stuck.


Before make your final choice, make sure your client will be able to pay for the licence. Inform him that he will have to pay for the font, and draw him a quote. The sooner, the better. No bad surprises 😉


Illustrations : Diane Pellotieri