Too much fonts in your typemanager? Tired of spending hours to find the right font? Here are some tips to help you  manage your font library.


1- Classify your fonts.

Categorizing fonts in your typemanager can seem boring but I can assure you that it will prove to be a real time saver !

The usual way to classify your library is by style (Serif, Sans serif, Script etc…) But if you want to think ahead for your next projects, you can create folders in each Style list.

You can take advantange of Fontyou’s private lists, where you can organize fonts your own way. If the public lists (for all users) are classified like below, you can create lists by projects, clients, uses or why not by moods ?



2- Less is more.

Stop believing that you need all those 20 000 fonts on your computer and start cleaning your font library. The more you clean the less you will have to scroll to browse your collection.

– Identify your favorite fonts and create a list with them.
– If those fonts are reserved for a professional use, trash all the free fonts you downloaded shamefully on some ugly websites.
– Create a pleiad of classic fonts you will always need.



3- Keep cool and stop pirate.

Stop not giving a **** about licenses. Dude… Seriously.

Would you be ok if hundreds of graphic designers used this nice pictogram’s collection you spent hours designing, for free? I don’t think so 😉 Imagine that some type designers takes one year to design a font family. Respect that, please. Especially if you’re the kind of person who says NO to unpaid design competitions…

And dude, I know you very well 😉 you’re young, creative & enthusiast. And you just had this new job in the coolest design agency. But please… don’t steal the font library of your previous agency… to bring it in the new one, that sucks!

And if you need new and fresh fonts for your projects, know that on Fontyou you can try all the fonts you want in Trial version.


Illustrations : Diane Pellotieri