Un new campaign firmly focused on the desire to liberate the fonts and their applications, which goes with our new identity and offers. It focus on the 3 main benefits

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***French version here*** Three years ago we created Fontyou, the first collaborative online platform for typographic creation. Since then we haven’t stopped envisioning new ways to revolutionize the typographic universe.

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Il y a trois ans, nous avons créé Fontyou, la première plateforme de co-création typographique en ligne. Depuis, nous n’avons cessé d’imaginer comment continuer à révolutionner l’univers de la typographie.

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Leano FY, LeanoSans FY and Marianina FY in use for Paradiski — Brand Strategy and look and feel by 4uatre.


**** ABOUT HIM **** #1 Who are you? Qui es-tu ? My name is Chatnarong Jingsuphatada, I’m a graphic and type designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. I has been designing

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Achille II FY in use for Macif – Visual Identity: Dragon Rouge, Strategy and advertising: Publicis Dialog.


Jasmina FY (designed by Joana Correia and Fontyou) used by Pulp design for Elle&Vire new packaging design.


Elena practicing sign painting for Inkwell – Photo credits: Maria Silvano Italian type designer, Elena studied graphic design in Amiens, France (École Supérieure d’Art et de Design) to later specialize on type

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Too much fonts in your typemanager? Tired of spending hours to find the right font? Here are some tips to help you  manage your font library. 1- Classify your fonts.

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Dear designers, here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before choosing a font — Small text? Website? Branding? Signage? First of all you need to identify uses. Luxe? Birthday invitation?

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